A 10 metre wave of seaweed on the side of a new seafront development in Hove.

Commissioned before the building was finished, my proposal hinged around this ‘concept’:

1500 seaweed shapes were laser cut from 3mm and 5mm steel plate, prior to forging with a power hammer and a simple press tool made out of an old hammer head:

A preferred initial working drawing was scaled up, and chalked out on the workshop floor, to which was then made the various sections of supporting framework, complete with wall fixing brackets :

I wanted to have several different powder coat colours, so many of the seaweed pieces have to be bolted on separately, which requires a semi-complicated system of jigs for the eight different shapes of seaweed.  The seaweed was to flow over the underground car park entrance necessitating three sturdy brackets bolted to the underside of the projecting concrete slab.

Now wait for the windiest and rainiest day of the year to get the use of lifting hiab/crane and cherry picker and bolt everything to pre-set resin anchors. All work has been hot-zinc sprayed and treated with 3 different colours of marine-grade powder coats

Now just hope the portaloos are removed ASAP so I can take some decent photographs, (although they ARE rather well colour co-ordinated).



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I'm the Grumpy Man of Metal. What more do you need to know? Bah!
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