The Pear-ly gates

Back in the day, the Marquis of Bristol, who lived in Brighton’s Sussex Square, had a penchant for pears. He experimented and hybridised them in his market gardens on Manor Road (behind the square), his work being acknowledged and supported by the Royal Horticultural Society.

So when the market gardens were bought up by developers and I was asked to make some gates, that’s where I took my cue. A trellis-like framework of pears, with badgers, (that other once familiar sight in the gardens), running through the bottom of them.

2 special jigs to form the trellis work:

2016-02-03 22.16.072016-02-03 22.18.08

a hundred or so pears, laser cut and ’rounded’ by forging…

2016-02-03 22.18.58

…. a few badgers with chiselled toes and tails:

2016-02-03 22.26.38

all welded into the structure:2016-02-05 00.14.45gates

…haulage….powder-coating…hassles with groundworks…concrete incorrect (argue whose fault it is….stress/anxiety/more stress….. delivery to site….instal:

431Cup of tea.



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I'm the Grumpy Man of Metal. What more do you need to know? Bah!
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3 Responses to The Pear-ly gates

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  2. Jane Silvey says:

    They are wonderful, Jon! Love them. We will search them out next time we are in Brighton. Hope you are both well. Love Jane and Michael

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