“Watt’s in his head”

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So I have spent my time writing a new Mr Watt story and ended up with 50 objects that were required to illustrate it. The story is about Mr Watt’s dream – the loss of his sparkle and the subsequent journey to retrieve it; a  journey that takes him through a landscape of lost factories, a metaphor for the loss of handskills and ‘making things’ in modern life. So what to do with all the objects rather than box them and shove them in a corner?

Ideas for a display ‘cabinet’ began to form, the idea being that all of the objects could be displayed in a museum/library/school foyer, on a temporary basis, with a little screen nearby to show a digital version of the story. Children could follow the story whilst trying to find the objects on display. Or something like that. I thought what a good idea it would be to make the cabinet Mr Watt’s head shape. Here’s the original chalk sketch on the workshop floor:

head drawing with bits

There are factories, shipyards and bottle kilns, cars trains and rockets etc etc as well as references to childhood stories that I remember, with cross references to manufacturing (eg. Noddy’s car is in the car factory, Ratty’s rowing boat has sunk near the shipyards etc). So it’s a bit of a metaphor for lost childhood as well. Here are some pics of the fabrication.

former           shaped outline1

glasses on

moustache on               nose hair in

For Mr Watt’s reaction to all this, see his blog:


And so the bits and pieces get bolted in, one at a time:

lotsrat etcfairy3

And all done. Now the hard bit – trying to get it ‘out there’…. (it’s got wheels…..)26-octadjusted


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  1. I absolutely love this stuff……brilliant!

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