A bridge (not) too far

Thanks to Sian Edwardes-Evans for recently sending me some photos of ‘my’ Dyfi Bridge in Machynlleth, Wales – 15 years on and they brought back mixed memories – nightmare deadlines/penalty clauses/ anxiety over technical & dimensions issues/ welding certificates and haulage logistics but eventually pride at having pulled the whole thing off.

dyfi bridge

I submitted a concept sketch, based on light reflecting off water, but I think memories of lashing spars together to build temporary bridges at scout camp came into play! I remember wanting the posts to look like someone had thrown a handful of sticks across the water.

concept sketch

The engineer at Powys County Council, Bruce Pucknell, interpreted it in to a more formal engineering drawing:

engineers interpretation

and then more scary versions with details of main beam curvature, welding specifications, grades of steel etc etc. This is the drawing that the cat peed all over.

tech drawing

I drew out a section on the workshop floor, arranged laser cutting of all waves and commenced weeks of welding.



A total of 60 panels were required, each weighing about 180 kgs which had to be stacked in groups of 15 outside the workshop (above).

Haulage nightmares, irate powder coaters, scares over penalty clauses etc etc made for a very anxious few months. The day after it was all installed the foot and mouth crisis kicked off and the bridge remained closed for the next six months.

But thanks again Sian for the pictures of it now!






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