pylon design competition

Chris Huhne the current Energy secretary recently announced a competition for a new Pylon design, to carry electricity from all the new off-shore & wind turbines that National Grid will be building.
I thought crikey…when it comes to public bits of metalwork all over the country, it doesn’t get any bigger than that – how can I not at least have a stab at it. I just got my rejection letter yesterday, but am still really pleased that I put myself through the paces of what was actually rather a demanding brief with lots of technical demands and issues and requirements that were quite a challenge. All the time my head was screaming “dont bother dont bother – all the top architects & engineers from Norman Foster & Thomas Heatherwick etc will be going for it – dont waste your time” but I couldn’t let it go. The competition was managed by RIBA.
Along with a load of written stuff, everyone had to submit an A1 board which had to include a picture of your pylon dropped into a landscape which they provided. I had to make a maquette of my idea and photograph it as my drawing skills aren’t really up to the slickness I assume they require. Any, here’s my (rejected) submission:

About Mr Watt

I'm the Grumpy Man of Metal. What more do you need to know? Bah!
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2 Responses to pylon design competition

  1. johnny no furniture. says:

    I would have picked yours Jon, the other entrants were all a little tame looking.
    Now, please make some pieces of furniture and start a shop section on your site.

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